Innerlife Health Services


Your First Innerlife Session

Each session is 90 minutes and is $110 (including tax) and packages of sessions are available. I accept cash, cheque, email transfer and PayPal.

If you have a chance to fill out an intake form before you arrive, great! If not, I have copies at Innerlife and you can fill one out on your first visit.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please give me at least 24 hours notice. Sessions that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged for fully.

Our Innerlife clinic is in the Royal Oak Shopping Centre (not Broadmead - the two are often confused). Heading North on West Saanich Road, take a left at Subway. We are just down the parking lot on the right hand side before you reach the Country Grocer.

Our address is #101 - 4475 Viewmont Avenue. 

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What to expect after your Body & Mind Session

Because you bring your own unique health story to each session, each session is designed specifically by your body, for you. You may not understand all of the information that is brought into awareness in each session. That’s okay. The effectiveness of this work does not depend on logical understanding. Your health will improve regardless.

Now that you have had your first session, here are a few areas you may begin to notice shifting:


*Increased body/mind awareness
Are you more aware of your breath? Are there restrictions? Does either your inhale or exhale come more easily than the other? Are there changes to your posture or body language? Are you responding differently to situations? Are you relating differently to your environment? These subtle or sometimes more obvious reflections are common and part of your healing process.

*Perspective shifts
It is possible to begin to experience shifts in your mood as you let go of habits, beliefs and thoughts that may no longer be serving you. You may notice that your views or outlook might begin to alter. You may notice that you FEEL more.  You may experience increased clarity, and capability in handling conflict and other stress.  And you may begin to get in touch with emotions and emotional states that you have been resisting because they feel uncomfortable or unacceptable to you.  You may get in touch with anger, sadness or fear.  These experiences are all as authentic and true as joy, clarity and peace.

*Life changes
Your current life picture is a good indication of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health as one is a reflection of the other. How does your body feel? Are you connected to a life purpose, a career, a role, a community or a sense of something greater than yourself? Does it fulfill you?  How are your relationships with your friends and family? How is your relationship with time, money and love? You may begin to notice that as your internal world begins to shift, your exterior life reflects these changes as well.

*Physical health changes
As we are always working under the direction of the body’s system of priorities, physical changes may not only be in the areas of initial complaint. Shifts in the body can be subtle or they can be obviously striking. You may find that small discomforts that you hadn’t previously noticed begin to shift and resolve. Shifts in breathing, sleep patterns, and energy levels are common.

*Your body may indicate that it is processing a session in a variety of ways through sensations and/or physiological responses. These may include temporary changes in urination, bowel movements, body temperature and sleep patterns. For example if your body is addressing a toxin, parasite, or an emotional release you may notice some fatigue, an increased thirst level and bowel activity.

*If you are on any medication, monitor your condition closely as your requirements may change.

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