Innerlife Health Services

Fiona, I have sessions with you because....

~My own perspective is limited - and I’m not always able to be completely honest with myself. You have an uncanny ability to see through this and to identify underlying issues I’m not able to acknowledge. Whether I’m having relationship issues with family (or myself) or need help setting boundaries and managing stress, you are a staunch advocate for me as a person. You push me to stand up and be true to myself, and to see that is ultimately what’s best for everyone. ~Graham

~When I'm struggling with something in my life or need a shift in energy, you help me reconnect with my mind, body and soul so I can live more authentically. You tune into my body, and explain things in ways that make perfect sense for me, spark my curiosity and often change my perspective. Every single time I leave an appointment, I feel energized, peaceful - and spiritually aligned. Working with you has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and allowed me to make many positive changes in my life: in my career and my relationships - and in how I deal with anxiety and infertility. ~Nikki

~You facilitate my healing journey, offer guidance and help me become the best person that I can be. Working with you has taught me to look inward, which takes me into places I find very uncomfortable, yet healing. You’ve been upfront and honest, and you won’t let me (or others) stay in our stories. You are a student of life who guides others to find their true potential. ~Don

~I was looking for relief from job related injuries, and a fresh perspective on issues in my life. It’s been hard for me to explore, but you have helped me see ‘the other side of the coin’ in relationships and especially, parenting. Seeing a different, soulful way to deal with things, and learning to be more present, has helped me tons. ~Wendy

~Your directness and honesty helped me find the strength I needed to see the bigger picture in my life, heal and grow. ~Margaret

~You have a gift for giving straight talk from a place of truth and love. The spiritual wisdom you offer is rare and precious, and I feel safe sharing anything and everything without fear of being judged. You give people a taste of the view from spirit/love/god/universe. You are able to make people question themselves, their thinking and behavior in a really delicious way. ~Lori

~You’re great at helping me work through - and discover - blocks I didn't even know I had! Working with you gets at underlying issues in a way that no other treatment I’ve experienced does. I’m grateful you’re so direct, ask the right questions, and push me to think and be honest with myself. ~Catherine

~When I need encouragement to face issues that are critical to the truthfulness of my journey in this life, I come to you. You’re intuitive and you’re constantly honing in on your insights - and I love your quirky sense of humor! It’s so reassuring to my soul to encounter at least one person in my day who seems genuinely at peace with themselves, their work and the future! ~Marnie

~You’re a safe place to be when I feel out of balance and full of fear. You get right to the issue: directly but supportively. I love how you hold a space for me and I feel really nurtured, listened to and most importantly, heard on a deep intimate level. ~Trish

~You love me unconditionally, without judgment. Yet you force me to face the parts of myself I don't like to look at. You teach me to face my worst - and then go deeper. You teach me to love myself. You teach me to love others.  You teach me to have better clarity. You teach me to listen. You teach me to share my thoughts with much more ease. You teach me to remember.  You teach me to not judge myself or others. I love every second we spend together. I leave our sessions feeling full of love, clarity, and a closer connection with the universe. ~Jay

~You have an amazing ability to listen and allow me to be really heard. You then cut to the heart of the matter very quickly in a manner that is gentle, yet firm. You are warm, approachable, empathetic, and authentically interested in how your work contributes to my (and my family's) life. You are able to beautifully merge left and right brain concepts, respecting both energies and helping me to apply them in my life. You are a kick-ass personal coach who helps me stay in "creation" mode versus "consuming" mode. You bring a lightness and sense of humour to life/situations (and help me to see it as well!).  ~Melissa

~I come away from our time together with physical shifts, an expanded perspective and deeper understanding. Part of your skill as a practitioner lies in the way you naturally blend our conversations with the messages the body is bringing to awareness. Your trust in the innate healing wisdom of the body/mind is absolute! I am often amazed, as in life, to discover how everything within the session is connected. ~Susanne

~After more than 15 years of chronic shoulder pain and no relief, it went away completely in two sessions with you. You saw where energy was stuck in other areas of my body, and in my life, and helped me clear it out. Seeing this tangible evidence allowed the skeptic in me trust this process and believe I do not need to see or to touch something to believe in its existence. I feel better on so many levels. ~Wendy