Innerlife Health Services

About Fiona

With a love of the natural world and a deep respect for the relationship between body, mind and soul, I understand connection and disconnection intimately.  I offer insight, wisdom and a sense of humour to remembering connection. 

I work from a deep understanding of human behaviour, psychology, and relational dynamics. But I also work from an understanding of the physiology of the body, energy systems, metaphysics and the transpersonal.

As far as I know, there is nothing more transformative and compelling to the human soul than being witnessed, expressed, heard, and believed. The kind of listening I do changes, opens, supports, enlivens, heals, and transforms. The kind of listening I do shifts worlds.

I listen through the lens of the skills I've learned, the knowledge I've gained, the experiences I've had, the feelings, needs, and responses I know and recognize...and also through this culture, and this body I've been born into.

I listen through the languages of the body. I listen through the traditional healing methods and practices I've had shared with me and been shaped by. I listen through the bodies of work I've encountered, been taught, have studied, have practiced and learned from. I listen through my intuition...

I listen through the ancient rhythmic heartbeat of earth herself...
I hear bodies, hearts and souls.

I listen in a way that bodies, hearts and souls hear themselves and each other.

Traditionally, midwives offer presence, support, wisdom, connection and healing as a life is coming in through birth or is leaving through death, but our soul goes through passages and transitions throughout our life too. This is where I work.

Fiona is an Intuitive Health Practitioner, a soul worker, and facilitator of events and courses in Victoria, BC.  She is the founder of Innerlife Health Services, a Wholistic Health Clinic and collective of practitioners dedicated to transformation and healing at the deepest and most profound levels of human experience. She is a social change activist, culture-maker, and student and lover of the way words shift power.

Fiona has a Bachelor's of Education. She is a BodyTalk and Reiki practitioner. She is a student of the Soulcentric Developmental Wheel (Bill Plotkin), Non-violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg), Social Constructionism (Kenneth Gergen), Response-based practice (Alan Wade), animal communication, somatic healing, birth process, permaculture design, yoga, and esoteric & metaphysical teachings and practices.

Her work is influenced by Jungian Psychology, Eco-psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sacred Geometry, and the work of Bill Plotkin, Allison Miller, David Deida, Ina May Gaskin, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Bruce Lipton, Candace Pert, Nassim Haramein, John Michael Greer, Barbara Hand Clow, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and many more.

Fiona is an active and ongoing student of her body, her intuition, the natural world, and the cosmos.